The New My Online Business Is Helping Beginners Get Started With ‘Income Quickies’

Income Quickies are methods for making money online without setting up a complicated online business. One of the easiest “Income Quickies” at is called Quick Bookscout Cash.

Here is a summary of the Quick Bookscout Cash training…

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Video #1: Welcome to Quick Bookscout Cash

The welcome video is a brief summary of how you can make some quick cash selling used textbooks using the app. Learn how I automated a system of finding used textbooks to sell on line to make some quick cash you can make on the side with little effort.

Video #2: course overview

This video offers a review of the course using the bookscouter app. In the course you will learn how you can download the app on your iPhone, Android or computer, use the app to search for pricing on used books, and then turn around and sell them for a nice profit.

Video #3: Bookscouter App

In this video you will learn how to setup your account on, view prices of books that have been sold on the site, and then learn how to find those books in places like used bookstores, thrift stores, and other sources. Learn how to navigate the site, scan barcodes of books, and search for the best deals to purchase

Video #4:

In this video students will learn where to search for books. For example, used bookstores, thrift stores, craigslist, garage sales, ebay and amazon are all covered in this tutorial.

Video #5: Selling books

Students learn how to sell books before they even buy them using Learn how to look up the ISBN number or scanning barcodes of books to get a price on what vendors will pay for a particular book. You will learn how to choose the vendors, shipping methods and how to get paid after shipping your book to the vendor

Video #6: Big Bucks Books:

Learn why textbooks are the ones to go after. They yield the most profit and are the most popular. However, there are buyers for non-fiction and fiction books.

Video 7: free cash

Students will learn how to use the site to earn free money from purchases made. When you make a purchase and the product is reduced, stores will give you cash back if the price drops. organizes the receipts of purchases you’ve made online and can be integrated with the stores sites to get you the cash you deserve. It’s easy, just create your account, and get started.

Video #8: Wrap Up

This video offers a brief wrap up of the simple and easy steps to getting started using the bookscouter app. Just setup your account, start scanning books around your house, or go through methods mentioned in the previous steps, use the app, and get paid.